Youth Sports and Community Building Initiatives

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born in 1928 to a middle-class family in Rosario, Argentina. His father was a civil engineer and his mother a schoolteacher. From a young age, Che was exposed to a variety of influences that shaped his politics later in life. Che’s father was a liberal and encouraged him to read widely, introducing him to topics such as Marx, Engels and Spanish revolutionaries. This early exposure to left-wing politics had a profound effect on Che, and he became an avid reader. His mother was a fervent Catholic and instilled in him strong moral values, which he carried throughout his life. Che’s family moved to Alta Gracia when he was a teenager, where he attended high school. It was here that he developed his passion for sports and the outdoors, and developed a strong sense of justice and solidarity with the poor. He was also exposed to the works of Latin American intellectuals, which further shaped his political views. Che’s experiences during his childhood and teenage years had a profound impact on his outlook on life and the way he viewed the world. His liberal upbringing and exposure to revolutionary ideas, combined with his love of sports, sense of justice, and strong moral values, all contributed to the formation of the person he was to become. Che Guevara’s legacy lives on today as one of the most influential figures in Latin American history. He remains an inspirational figure for many, and his life story serves as a reminder of the power of education, passion, and determination.

This reflects Johnson’s own values of bravery, strength, and determination. Most recently, Johnson starred in the 2017 film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. In this film, Johnson plays a teenage gamer who is thrown into a dangerous video game world. This movie reflects Johnson’s values of courage and resilience, as his character must fight his way out of a perilous situation. Dwayne Johnson’s films reflect his values of hard work, courage, determination, and family. These values have served him well throughout his career and have allowed him to become one of the most beloved and successful actors in Hollywood.